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Redefine Hospitality Podcast is a weekly podcast about learning new perspectives and rethinking how we do business.

In this podcast we interview people who are challenging the status quo and making change happen.

Our goal is to push ourselves and rethink how we do business, rethink how we operate, rethink how we market, rethink how we communicate and rethink how we move forward.

In this podcast, you will listen to interesting stories, case studies, fresh ideas that will help your hotel go beyond.


number of people requires to make change happen.

Podcast Guests

One of the best podcasts for hoteliers that want to learn.

Edith Head

We’ve had some brilliant guests that shared ideas, insights and knowledge that have the potential to transform businesses. Some guests include Claire Way, Monica Or, Amy Ogden, Rob Paterson, Frank Reeves, Richard Valtr, Sam Riches, Russell Kett, Henrik Muehle, Antonia Robinson, Diana Darmina, Tim Mutton, Tiago Venancio and many others.


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